Pickens County Cool Facts!

Pickens County is a county in Georgia with a population of over 29,000. It was created in 1853 from certain portions of Gilmer and Cherokee counties. Jasper is its largest city and it has a total land area of 233 square miles.

pickens on map

The county was named after a militia leader and Brigadier General in the Revolutionary War, Andrew Pickens. He served with Britain for a year and then the United States for 8 years and also became a House of Representatives member for South Carolina. He also was elected to the U.S. Congress, where he served for 2 years. Pickens was the 7th great grandfather to John Edwards, the 2004 candidate for President.

andrew pickens

Pickens County is known for producing marble, some of it being used in making the Abraham Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial. Pink colored marble is only found in a few other places aside from Pickens County. They even have a festival about marbles.

Mount Ogiethorpe is the highest summit in the county, going up to about 3,288 feet. The Cherokee Indians used to live on it, bending trees to mark locations of different things along the trails, until the white settlers moved in in the early 1800’s. With Grassy Knob being its previous name, it was renamed Oglethorpe to honor James Oglethorpe, the George Colony founder.


A statue was erected, made of marble and called the Oglethorpe Monument, and it sat on top of the mountain. The monument was moved to Jasper due to bad weather and vandalism and the summit was closed to the public until 1995. A husband and wife bought land around the summit and in 2014, they claimed their land as a public park and reopened it to the public.

If you want to read the latest news from Pickens County, you can do it through their government website. It has the latest events to keep you up to date.