Great Places To Go Boating & Kayaking In Pickens County!


Feeling bored and need some adventure on the water? Kayaking is great exercise, good for relieving stress, and lets you breathe in some beautiful fresh air in a nature setting. It can very relaxing and peaceful, or you can go whitewater kayaking and get an adrenalin rush trying to keep yourself afloat and on course. Either way, it’s great fun and one of the best things you can do out here, in Pickens County, is enjoy nature! Here are the places to go boating in or near Pickens County:

Cartecay River

carthecay river

Of the many lakes, rivers and creeks in Pickens County, Cartecay provides the most utilitarian of experiences for would-be kayakers. While large sections of the river are located in Gilmer County, sections of it also run right through Pickens. In certain places along this stretch of river, the current runs particularly fast and strong, providing an ideal challenge for experienced kayakers. Other parts of the river are more suited for those looking to try kayaking for the first time.

For novices, day trips can be arranged through online sites with companies, such as The Cartecay Experience, who will provide all the necessary equipment for a day of kayaking. Or you can plan a group trip with your own Killer Kayaks!

Etowah River

kayaking in Georgia

Located in the eastern half of Pickens County, this river runs slower than most of those general frequented by seasoned kayaker, but can provide a somewhat relaxing experience for those who are just getting used to the activity and just want to have some fun. The river, in general, is wide and the current slow, affording novice kayakers more forgiving conditions in which to learn and enjoy. The scenery of the river and the surrounding environment is also a major contributor as to why so many people decide to do there kayaking here. One of the best location to visit is that of Carterville, where you can participate in a highly rated canoe and kayak launch.

Ellijay River

ellijay river

While located in north Georgia, and not in the region of Pickens County, this river provides prime kayaking experience for those who wish surf whirlpool rapids and traverse beautiful scenery while battling fast currents and numerous falls, such as Blackberry and the headless horsemen. If you need a new budgeted kayak, then check out a kayak under 200. The region is also speckled with canoe and kayak outfitters for those who either do not have the necessary equipment, or just do not wish to transport it over long distances. All in all it delivers a fantastic all round outdoor adventure for anyone wishing to spend the day engaging in water bases activities.

Twin Mountain Lakes

twin mountain lakes

Easily the most Picturesque location on this list, Twin Mountains Lake is located in between breath-taking green hills and tree covered valleys, giving those who visit a gorgeous looked at what the state has to offer. The lake is still and calm year round and gives those who wish for nothing more than a relaxing kayaking day trip exactly what they want. The lake is classified in the reservoir category, and can be access from many convenient points, with there being an array of rental shops nearby, from whom equipment can be rented for the day.

Lake Tamarack

lake tamarack

Located in the north Georgia Mountains, this lake is 110 acres wide and near 155 feet above sea level, as well as boosting a depth of over 85 feet. Ideal for people who like to immerse themselves in natural wonders, Lake Tamarack gives kayakers a glorious view of the surrounding mountains as the paddle through the fresh waters.

The lake also provide pavilions and picnic tables for foods to be laid out for hungry kayaker after a long day on the lake. In addition it also has a small sand beach that is well maintained and child friendly, given the lake a communal atmosphere that make the calm waters and beautiful landscape all the easier to enjoy.